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Calculate Your Monthly Mortgage Payments.

This easy to use Online Mortgage Calculator lets you quickly determine your monthly payments based on the total price of the property, down payment, interest rate and loan term. After entering these numbers into the Calculator, simply click on the "Calculate" button and you will immediately see how much you would have to set aside for your monthly payments.

For example, if you enter $250,000 as the property price, $50,000 as down payment, 5.3% as the interest rate and 30 years as the duration of the loan, you will see that your monthly payments will equal $1,111.

We hope you will find the Online Mortgage Calculator helpful and easy to use. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Online Mortgage Calculator.

How to add the Online Mortgage Calculator to your website.

If you are a real estate professional and would like to add the Online Mortgage Calculator to your website, simply copy the following code to your page HTML:
<!-- begin calculator--> <iframe allowtransparency='true' width='370' height='350' src="" align='center' frameborder='0' marginwidth='5' scrolling='auto'> </iframe> <br> How to add a <a href='' target='_blank' >Free Mortgage Calculator</a> to your website. <!-- end calculator-->

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


The Online Mortgage Calculator is great for trying "what if" scenarios. For example, suppose that you have found a $300,000 house and are trying to find out if you can afford monthly payments. If you enter $60,000 as the down payment , 5.7% as the interest rate and 15 years as duration of the loan, you will see that your monthly payments will amount to $1,987.

Let's say that this is more than you are prepared to pay based on your monthly income and expenses. As a result, you would like to consider a 30 year option. Simply click on the Term list arrow and select 30 years. Then click on the "Calculate" button. You will instantly see that your monthly mortgage payments will be $1,393. Therefore, changing the loan term to 30 years will cut your monthly payments by almost $600. However, this option is not as attractive as it may seem because ultimately you will pay more in finance charges.

If this is still more than you can afford, you can quickly evaluate other scenarios. For example, you can consider what will happen if you manage to find a better interest rate. A decrease in the interest rate from 5.7% to 5.5% would cut your monthly payments from $1,987 to $1,961 assuming a 30 year mortgage.

By changing all the variables (price, down payment, interest rate, loan term), you can get a better idea of what is involved in paying for a real estate property.

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